Bridget Farmer

Bridget Farmer is an artist/printmaker who has a slight obsession with birds. She loves drawing birds and in more recent times has fallen in love with the print medium and of course is now printing her creative designs. Originally she is from Northern Ireland, but is currently living in the bush just outside Daylesford, approximately one hour from Melbourne. Her work reflects her surrounds and the birdlife she sees. She mainly makes dry point etchings, enjoying the immediacy of this medium and it's linear qualities.

Bridget has always loved drawing. When she was little it was cats. Her mum used to have my drawings of cats all over the place. Big, fat, colourful, striped, whiskered cats.

When Bridget moved to Australia in 2005 from Northern Ireland, she was stunned by the difference in birds. "It was this difference, above all others that really told me I was in a different country, very far from Northern Ireland"!

All Bridget's etchings are made with high quality rag paper and printmaking inks