John Madsen

A Printmaker with a string of awards and commendations, John  dabbled in drawing and watercolour for some thirty years.  In retirement,  he was introduced to print making. He soon became enthralled with the various techniques and alchemy of the medium. He completed a diploma course under his inspiring tutor, Tim Jones. He has been printmaking ever since, with his main love being Copper Etching.

 Images of jesters and figures from the Italian Commedia dell’ arte theatre draws on the illustrations of French Baroque printmaker Callot. His style is distinctive, sometimes whimsical. John loves the handcrafting involved in the process and he has, as a former builder, an affinity with the built environment and is influenced by the industrial landscapes of English artist Lowry. John’s passion for cooking and good food informs his still lives, as well as Italian artist Morandi.

He also creates striking land and sea scapes. Other images are little observations from a lifetime of noting human foibles. John’s work begins as a composition drawing, which is then traced onto a printing plate. “it takes time and your work evolves and you need time to sleep on it and work on it more to gain greater depth.” John intends to keep printmaking “until death do us part”!