Kareen Anchen

1962 →

Kareen is an accomplished private art teacher and visual artist. In more recent years Kareen has found her expression through drawing and etching. Kareen's work is a reflection of the landscape in which she lives in Maldon, Central Victoria.

"Drawing has become increasingly important in my life and Printmaking is a natural extension of Drawing. 

I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture a picture I can see in the observed and imagined world. Making drawing provides me this opportunity to see through ‘art eyes’ and to access a part of my brain that relishes the act of visioning and drawing. Being able to translate drawings and marks into prints allows me the opportunity to be interpretive and to play with the process of plate making. 

There is something wonderfully alchemical about watching acid 'bite' into metal when making an etching, the smell of the ink, the feel of the paper, the rigour around the whole printmaking and drawing process gives me a sense of order which calms me down at a very deep level.”